I’m a 36 year old stay at home mother of 3 beautiful children. 

I love reading awesome books and promoting the amazing authors who write them! I also enjoy writing, I beta/proofread, and do minor editing. I make promo pics/memes, teasers, banners, etc… And I enjoy helping authors in any way I can. 


To the Authors:

I will do reviews, host tours and releases, do events and takeovers whenever I can. I will always do Sale’s & Promo’s if I’m able to at the time so please don’t hesitate to ask!

I know it takes a lot to put yourself out there, and I envy each and every one of you who has. Even if I read a book I’m not in love with, I will NEVER bash an author or be rude! You inspire me every in many ways and have given me the courage to follow my dreams. I understand that what I like, others may not, and vice-versa. I will always give an honest review, but if a book is just not my style or to my liking, I will let the author know. I thank you for all your hard work and I cherish your talent. For if it wasn’t for you… I would simply not be where I am today!

To the Readers:

I’m just starting out with the whole blog thing, and I would love your input. If you want to see more of something, or less of another, please let me know. I will always give my honest opinion of the books I read, with the understanding that you may not feel the same, as all of our tastes are different and that’s what makes us unique! I will always try to bring you the best sales and information about upcoming releases and other book related things! I’m learning as I go here, so please bare with me. I thank each and every one of my followers for caring about what I have to say, and I hope you enjoy these books and authors as much as I do!


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